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Broadcast Your Auction

Broadcast your auction live on our website at www.superiorlivestock.com.

  • Videotape the individual lots.
  • Edit and compress the video lots for the website. The lots and online catalog will be on the internet for viewing at www.superiorlivestock.com (we can also make a link to your website so the cattle can be viewed online there as well).
  • Place commercial television spots in the "Superior Sunrise" - Superior Livestock Auction’s pre sale promotional segment broadcast on SLA-TV directly before the auctions.
  • Advertise your auction with one (1) full page print ad in the Superior Livestock Auction commercial cattle catalog prior to your sale.
  • Superior Productions can produce a DVD preview of the lots to be broadcast prior to the sale and send to potential customers that includes graphics listing the pedigree information and EPDs.                 
  • Provide our 800 number to register buyers in addition to having personnel available to answer any questions prior to and on sale day.
  • Provide technical equipment and personnel necessary to broadcast the auction from our Fort Worth studio. Provide studio, bid line and phone crew on auction day.
  • Provide a representative on location sale day to connect technical equipment and turn in bids.
  • Flash Media Player and Java needed to watch and participate in auction online

Cattle are video taped approximately 30 days prior to the auction and then the lots are edited for broadcast. On sale day, viewers watching over the internet will hear the live auction in progress and will be able to see the pre-edited video of each individual lot as it is selling with the graphics displayed. Registered buyers would call into the telephone bid line number to bid. Customers can view the auction, access the online catalog and view the video lots at www.superiorclicktobid.com.

Superior Productions charges no commission for lots sold through our services. The current rate is $20 per lot for cattle and $35.00 per lot for horses to video/edit/compress lots for internet broadcast plus $1300 / hour broadcast on the website for Monday through Friday or $1800 / hour broadcast on a Saturday.

Travel expenses for videotaping and sale day is in addition to these charges. No need for high speed internet at the sale location.  Two independent phone lines are required to broadcast an auction with Superior Productions.