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Jill Higgins -- Rep Services



Jill joined the Superior Family in the Fall of 2009. She is on the front line with the Superior Reps and loves every second of it. She most likely is the first face you see when you visit the Superior office in Fort Worth and she is always ready with a smile and warm welcome.  Jill is an essential part of the everyday operations here at Superior. She also travels to big sales to help the Superior team wherever she is needed.

Jill got married earlier this year to her best friend, Dan Higgins. She has daughter Sam, (28) and son Jake, (23). She looks up to them with great pride and admiration. Jill was blessed to gain 2 more awesome sons in her marriage to Dan. Joseph (24) and Kevin (23) make the perfect addition to this growing family.

We all have two choices when we wake up in the morning. Smile or don't smile. Jill chooses to smile.


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Jill Higgins