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Faye Weiss -- Accounting & Auction




Faye started working for Superior Livestock Auction in 1999. She takes part in a little bit of most phases of Superior Livestock. Her main duty is searching for livestock liens on all Superior Livestock customers selling cattle. She also orders the office supplies, assists in working with accounts payable, typing contracts, entering deliveries and part-time handy man (woman).

Faye was born and raised in Brush, Colorado. Her father was a rancher, cattle feeder, farmer. She attended Colorado State University and in May of 1972, started working at the First National Bank of Brush in the agricultural lending department for 3 years. In 1984, she returned to the bank and worked for 15 years. She was secretary, auditor and ag lending officer for 10 years.

Faye has 2 children. Her son, Dan Dent, is a rancher south of Valentine, Nebraska. He and his wife Molly have a little girl named Dylan. Her daughter, Dana Freiberg, is a special ed teacher in Grant, Nebraska. She and her husband, Scott, have 2 daughters, Kaitlyn 4 & Addison 2. Scott is also a rancher.  Her grandson, Lane Adolf 16 and lives in Welton, Arizona.

Cattle feeding has always been a part of Faye’s life and she would have it no other way.


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Faye Weiss