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Meet The Staff

Tory Dwyer -- Productions Editor and Coordinator



Fresh from Oklahoma State University and still bleeding orange, Tory brings to the Superior Productions team a foundation in agricultural communications and a creative passion for telling stories. Raised on a small farm in Oklahoma, Tory grew up training horses and giving riding lessons. Heavily involved at OSU, she was the editor of the Cowboy Journal, a member of the OSU Triathlon team, and later taught photography, writing and professional development during her time in graduate school.

Tory joined the Superior Productions team as a producer of The American Rancher and of Superior's digital creative content. Besides the productions side, she serves in a variety of roles for Superior where she has serves not only as a writer, videographer and producer, but also as a cattle editor, Smart Auctions manager and occasional control room director. She is not only used to wearing many hats, but sincerely enjoys it.

Tory can usually be found with her dog Speck, anywhere where there's live music, attending football games at her Alma Mater, with her nose in a Louis L'Amour book or spending time with her friends and family.


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