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How it Works

Marketing the Superior Way


Marketing “The Superior Way”   begins with a visit from your Superior representative. The representative views the cattle in their natural surroundings and completes a consignment contract that describes the cattle and the terms and conditions of the sale. The representative also photographs a fair representation of the cattle with a video camera.
The consignment contract is submitted to the Brush, Colorado office where the information is entered into a computer database and a catalog is prepared. The Video Auction catalog can be viewed on the Internet one week prior to the auction and the listings can be viewed on the Internet at any time.
The video is submitted to Superior’s office in Fort Worth, Texas where it is edited into a short segment to be aired on the Video Auction, Internet Auction or on the Country Page.  The video is also made available on the internet for buyers to view the cattle prior to the auction.  
On auction day, buyers and sellers can either be present at the auction site or view the auction via a nationwide satellite broadcast on Dish Network channel 997 or the internet from the comfort of their office or home. 
The Video and Internet Auctions are conducted live, with an auctioneer, as cattle are sold to buyers bidding at the auction site, via telephone or on the internet “Click to Bid”.  
After the cattle are sold, a livestock contract stating the terms and conditions of the sale is prepared and sent to both the buyer and seller.  Following the auction, the Superior representative contacts all parties to arrange the delivery.
On the day of delivery, the Superior representative is present to oversee the sorting and loading of the cattle. At delivery, the seller is issued a check drawn on Superior’s bonded custodial account and payment is due from the buyer upon receipt of the cattle.
The cattle are shipped directly from the seller’s farm or ranch to the buyer’s destination, which greatly reduces stress and potential health problems.
From the time the Superior representative completes the consignment contract with the seller until the time the cattle are loaded onto the buyer’s truck, personal hands-on attention is given to make sure the sales contract is followed completely.
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