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XXX in the Arab World: What's New?

Sex in the Arab World Whats New

What is new in the xxx sex Arab world? First, let us start with the obvious: the Internet. The Internet has opened up the whole world to you, as it reaches individuals living in any corner of the globe, using any language, and for any purpose. That includes Arab porn. Before the Internet, Arab men and women were only interested in books in English or on Arab language publications. Nowadays, Arabs are watching pornographic movies, interspersed with traditional and contemporary music. Read more about arab sex and watch tons of arab porn videos on xnxxarabsex.com

Secondly, new forms of entertainment are now available in the Arab world. Pornography and gambling are common in the Middle East. Both have reached new heights, with more than two thousand adult websites operating in Arab countries alone. These sites cater to men and women seeking sex videos, clips, and live shows.

Thirdly, sex is no longer a taboo. This is especially true in the Gulf region, where conservative society makes open discussions on all subjects - from religion to politics to social issues. In the Arab world, however, talk of sex freely is considered immoral and shameful. Yet, this is changing rapidly with daily newspaper columns and Internet blogs featuring discussions on intimate matters.

Fourthly, Arab men are more adventurous than before. They are increasingly interested in threesomes and multiplesomes. They prefer sex without strings and are looking for variety. Finally, they want their relationships to be more than just sexual. While some marriages in the Arab world are strictly sexual, others are built on other aspects as well - mutual love and concern, friendship, and so on. Sex between members of the same sex is becoming more accepted, so long as it does not break the cultural code of honor within the tribe. Thus, arranged marriages are common. The bride's family pays for the wedding and alimony. If both the bride and groom agree, they can live together. A divorce is handled through arbitration - usually by the elders of the tribes, although the court can decide upon a peaceful resolution. The role of the marriage mediator is to make sure that both sides reach an agreement.

Finally, attitudes toward sex are changing for the better. There are more female lawyers, doctors, businessmen, and college students. This is all because of greater education, exposure to new ideas, and the general modernization of the economy. The family is also undergoing changes. It used to be that a woman's role was that of child-rearing and wife/husband. Now, more women are taking an active role in the home - including in shopping, child rearing, and financial matters. Sex is considered a universal human right, and there is nothing illegal about having sex. But there are certain problems. One major problem is that some cultures tolerate arranged marriages where one man has many wives, often resulting in rape. Many of the younger generations do not have such qualms and do not have problems with arranged marriages. Those that do have such qualms are under pressure from their elders and religious leaders to conform.

Of course, attitudes are changing all over the Middle East, with the Arab spring leading the way. The future of Arab governments will look different, and the traditional gender roles that existed for a few centuries will be changed forever. That's why it's important to get educated about the issues of sex in the Arab world: what's new, what's wrong, and how to deal with it as a mature adult. You should know how to have fun in a healthy way - and that includes having multiple partners.

You also need to have a good idea of local customs: what to wear, how to behave, and how to talk to the opposite sex in the correct manner. You'll find that most of the rules will be the same, but the details can vary. So spend some time getting to know your new friends!

And don't forget the family. Although you will be free to date other men, you may have to live under Muslim law (including laws regarding marriage). It would be a good idea to arrange for a traditional wedding - or at least arrange to see the groom in the customary Muslim attire. Marriage is a big part of the culture here, so make sure you involve the family in the planning process. Sex in the Arab world can be fun, adventurous, thrilling and exciting. But it can also be a dangerous and taboo subject. That's why it's important to protect yourself, as well as your own body, when having fun. Protecting yourself against STDs is the best way to go. So take care on your date, and enjoy!