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Yon Family Farms (Ch.998)
Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:00 AM Eastern

Current Lot : 1 -- Yon Black Granite D356

Name : Yon Black Granite D356
Sire : Connealy Black Granite
MGS : Yon Future Focus Z112
DOB : 10/4/2015
CED : 13
BW : 0.5
WW : 64
YW : 104
MILK : 26
MARB : 0.92
REA : 1.34
Comments : $W:71.97 $B:168.66.
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Lot 1--Yon Black Granite D356
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Lot 35--Yon Black Granite D389
Lot 37--Yon Black Granite D374
Lot 38--Yon Black Granite D456
Lot 39--Yon Black Granite D400
Lot 40--Yon Black Granite D353
Lot 41--Yon Black Granite D572
Lot 42--Yon Black Granite D412
Lot 43--Yon Black Granite D595
Lot 44--Yon Black Granite D591
Lot 45--Yon Black Granite D363
Lot 46--Yon Courage D517
Lot 47--Yon United D639
Lot 48--Yon United D670
Lot 49--Yon Fintry D543
Lot 50--Yon Fintry D507
Lot 51--Yon Final Answer D780
Lot 52--Yon Final Answer D616
Lot 53--Yon Final Answer D751
Lot 54--Yon Final Answer D554
Lot 56--Yon All In D508
Lot 59--Yon All In D491
Lot 60--Yon All In D364
Lot 61--Yon Discovery D731
Lot 62--Yon Discovery D727
Lot 63--Yon Discovery D673
Lot 64--Yon Discovery D646
Lot 66--Yon Ten X D585
Lot 68--Yon Ten X D522
Lot 69--Yon Future Force D381
Lot 71--Yon Black Granite D659
Lot 72--Yon Black Granite D576
Lot 73--Yon Black Granite D336
Lot 74--Yon Black Granite D422
Lot 75--Yon Black Granite D542
Lot 76--Yon Black Granite D413
Lot 77--Yon Black Granite D378
Lot 78--Yon Black Granite D662
Lot 79--Yon Comrade D355
Lot 80--Yon Comrade D396
Lot 81--Yon Comrade D383
Lot 83--Yon Final Answer D807
Lot 84--Yon HTF Final Answer D773
Lot 85--Yon Final Answer D697
Lot 86--Yon Upward D599
Lot 88--Yon South Edisto D453
Lot 89--Yon Sierra Cut D352
Lot 90--Yon Guardian D529
Lot 91--Yon Guardian D529
Lot 92--Yon Guardian D529
Lot 93--Yon Guardian D529
Lot 94--Yon Guardian D529
Lot 95--Yon Guardian D529
Lot 97--YON OLIE D784
Lot 98--YON OLIE D444
Lot 99--YON OLIE D600
Lot 100--YON OLIE D393
Lot 106--YON WIDE TRACK D545
Lot 108--YON UNITED D602
Lot 110--YON OLIE D636
Lot 111--YON OLIE D775
Lot 112--YON OLIE D629
Lot 113--YON COURAGE D615
Lot 114--YON TEN X D811
Lot 116--YON PROPHET D696
Lot 117--YON FINTRY D779
Lot 119--YON OLIE D700
Lot 120--YON WIDE TRACK D658
Lot 121--YON LOCK N LOAD D626
Lot 122--Yon Future Fury D516
Lot 123--Yon Future Focus D724
Lot 125--Yon Future Focus D678
Lot 126--Yon Future Focus D715
Lot 128--Yon All In D380
Lot 129--Yon All In D472
Lot 132--Yon Final Answer D483
Lot 133--Yon Final Answer D733
Lot 134--Yon Final Answer D647
Lot 137--Yon Ten X D748
Lot 139--Yon South Edisto D622
Lot 140--Yon Ten X D702
Lot 141--Yon South Edisto D557
Lot 142--Yon South Edisto D776
Lot 143--Yon United D537
Lot 145--Yon Fintry D764
Lot 146--Yon Black Granite D411
Lot 147--Yon Black Granite D645
Lot 148--Yon Black Granite D426
Lot 149--Yon Black Granite D448
Lot 150--Yon Black Granite D631
Lot 151--Yon Final Answer D504
Lot 152--Yon South Edisto D810
Lot 153--Yon Edisto D505
Lot 154--Yon Trojan D569
Lot 155--Yon Black Granite D449
Lot 156--Yon Courage D734
Lot 157--Yon Thunder D663
Lot 158--Yon Thunder D738
Lot 159--Yon HTF Upward C04
Lot 160--Yon HTF Upshot C03
Lot 161--Yon Fintry D581
Lot 162--Yon Fintry D707
Lot 163--Yon Objective D598
Lot 164--Yon Future Force D338
Lot 165--Yon Final Answer D337
Lot 166--Yon Black Granite D342
Lot 167--Yon Discovery D350
Lot 168--Yon Black Granite D447
Lot 169--Yon Complement D684
Lot 170--Yon Discovery D464
Lot 171--Yon Confidence D589
Lot 172--Yon SS Capitalist S550
Lot 173--Yon Confidence D474
Lot 174--Yon Discovery D723
Lot 176--Yon Confidence D460
Lot 177--Yon Confidence D467
Lot 178--Yon Confidence D630
Lot 179--Yon Courage D523
Lot 180--Yon Courage D421
Lot 181--Yon Courage D512
Lot 182--Yon Impression D655
Lot 183--Yon Impression D578
Lot 184--Yon United D704
Lot 185--Yon United D619
Lot 187--Yon Fintry D705
Lot 188--Yon South Edisto D805
Lot 189--Yon Ten X D772
Lot 190--Yon South Edisto D758
Lot 191--Yon Black Granite D432
Lot 192--Yon Thunder D546
Lot 193--Yon Black Granite D549
Lot 194--Yon Fintry D771
Lot 195--Yon HTF Ten X C02
Lot 196--Yon Sarah A408
Lot 197--Yon Witch A214
Lot 198--Yon Camilla A460
Lot 199--Yon Hazel A321
Lot 200--Yon Queen A286
Lot 201--Yon Sarah Z232
Lot 202--Yon Witch A474
Lot 203--Yon Mignonne A510
Lot 204--Yon Witch A338
Lot 205--Yon Mignonne A48
Lot 206--Yon Hazel A225
Lot 208--Yon Queen Z380
Lot 209--Yon Queen Z382
Lot 210--Yon Burgess A252
Lot 211--Yon Witch A749
Lot 212--Yon Burgess A168
Lot 213--Yon Witch A210
Lot 214--Yon Hazel Z498
Lot 215--Yon Burgess A114
Lot 216--Yon Queen Z616
Lot 217--Yon Blackcap A736
Lot 218--Yon Sarah A405
Lot 219--Yon Hazel A725
Lot 220--Yon Burgess Z482
Lot 221--Yon Sarah A529
Lot 222--Yon Burgess A522
Lot 223--Yon Hazel A807
Lot 224--YON WITCH Z321
Lot 225--YON WITCH Z342
Lot 226--YON HAZEL A582
Lot 227--YON WITCH A356
Lot 228--YON WITCH A626
Lot 229--YON WITCH A157
Lot 230--YON BURGESS Z165
Lot 231--YON BURGESS A293
Lot 234--Yon Blueblood Lady B165
Lot 235--Yon Hazel B430
Lot 236--Yon Queen A613
Lot 237--Yon Edina A108
Lot 239--Yon Witch C860
Lot 240--Yon Hazel C95
Lot 241--Yon Burgess C1033
Lot 242--Yon Queen C005
Lot 243--Yon Burgess C760
Lot 244--Yon Sarah C1071
Lot 245--Yon Hazel C1046
Lot 246--Yon Hazel C951
Lot 247--Yon Sarah C1084
Lot 248--Yon Queen C1089
Lot 249--Yon Witch C909
Lot 250--Yon Erica C776
Lot 252--Yon Witch C1072
Lot 253--Yon Queen C925
Lot 254--Yon Laura C1065
Lot 255--YON HAZEL C1044
Lot 256--YON CAMILLA C1022
Lot 257A--YON C530
Lot 257B--YON C693
Lot 258A--YON C961
Lot 258B--YON C1028
Lot 259A--YON C301
Lot 259B--YON C675
Lot 260A--YON C1024
Lot 260B--YON C970
Lot 261A--YON C541
Lot 261B--YON C912