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Gill Red Angus
Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:00 PM Mountain

Current Lot : 1 -- LMG Gills Vin Diesel 5345

Name : LMG Gills Vin Diesel 5345
Sire : LMG Gills Vin Diesel 7611
DOB : 5/17/2015
BW : 0.4
ABW : 78
WW : 75
AWW : 771
YW : 113
MILK : 19
CED : 3
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Lots with Video

Lot 1--LMG Gills Vin Diesel 5345
Lot 2--LMG Gills Vin Diesel 5424
Lot 3--LMG Gills Vin Diesel 5315
Lot 4--LMG Gills Statement 5412
Lot 5--LMG Gills Lancer 5327
Lot 6--LMG Gills Victory 5339
Lot 7--LMG Gills Vin Diesel 5350
Lot 9--LMG Gills Game Plan 5355
Lot 10--LMG Gills Boss 5421
Lot 11--LMG Gills Victory 5309
Lot 12--LMG Gills Sun King 5351
Lot 13--LMG Gills Lancer 5323
Lot 14--LMG Gills Indeed 5322
Lot 15--LMG Gills Victory 5303
Lot 16X--LMG Gills Vin Diesel 5413
Lot 17--LMG Gills Vin Diesel 5372
Lot 18--LMG Gills Vin Diesel 5344
Lot 19--LMG Gills Game Plan 5360
Lot 20--LMG Gills Sun King 5380
Lot 21--LMG Gills 81 Char
Lot 22--LMG Gills 5409
Lot 23--LMG Gills Lancer 5366
Lot 24--LMG Gills Pacer 5395
Lot 25--LMG Gills Right 5324
Lot 26--LMG Gills Sun King 5365
Lot 27--LMG Gills Statement 5371
Lot 28--LMG Gills Pacer 5320
Lot 29--LMG Gills Indeed 5321
Lot 30--LMG Gills Sun King 5343
Lot 31--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5437
Lot 32--LMG Gills Victory 5386
Lot 33--LMG Gills Indeed 5377
Lot 34--LMG Gills Lancer 5441
Lot 35--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5407
Lot 36--LMG Gills Rollo 5383
Lot 37--LMG Gills Pacer 5337
Lot 38--LMG Gills Indeed 5402
Lot 40--LMG Gills Sun King 5422
Lot 41--LMG Gills Rocker 5519
Lot 42--LMG Gills Game Plan 5349
Lot 43--LMG Gills Vin Diesel 5434
Lot 44--LMG Gills Vin Diesel 5392
Lot 45--LMG Gills Right 1585
Lot 47--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5382
Lot 49--LMG Gills Vin Diesel 5362
Lot 50--LMG Gills Vin Diesel 5367
Lot 51--LMG Gills Victory 5423
Lot 52--LMG Gills Indeed 5429
Lot 55--LMG Gills Sun King 5420
Lot 57--LMG Gills Right 5354
Lot 58--LMG Gills Victory 5373
Lot 59--LMG Gills Rollo 5399
Lot 60--LMG Gills Indeed 5385
Lot 61--LMG Gills Indeed 5379
Lot 62--LMG Gills Victory 5334
Lot 64--LMG Gills Indeed 5388-4C
Lot 65--LMG Gills Game Plan 5335
Lot 66--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5801B
Lot 67--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5331
Lot 69--LMG Gills Rollo 5387
Lot 70--LMG Gills Indeed 5368
Lot 71--LMG Gills Indeed 5318
Lot 72--LMG Gills Sun King 5390
Lot 73--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5403
Lot 74--LMG Gills Victory 5419
Lot 75--LMG Gills Game Plan 5313
Lot 76--LMG Gills Game Plan 5426
Lot 78--LMG Gills Victory 5435
Lot 79--LMG Gills Pacer 5307
Lot 81--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5414
Lot 82--LMG Gills Victory 5442
Lot 83--LMG Gills Lancer 5364
Lot 84--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5427
Lot 85--LMG Gills Lancer 5425
Lot 86--LMG Gills Game Plan 5340
Lot 87--LMG Gills Game Plan 5319
Lot 88--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5353
Lot 89--LMG Gills Victory 5308
Lot 90--LMG Gills Redmond 5396
Lot 91--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5443
Lot 92--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5325
Lot 93--LMG Gills Pacer 5346
Lot 94--LMG Gills Victory 5563
Lot 95--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5447
Lot 98--LMG Gills Victory 5316
Lot 99--LMG Gills 5445
Lot 100--LMG Gills Victory 5312
Lot 101--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5338
Lot 102--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5363
Lot 103--LMG Gills Lancer 5326
Lot 104--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5408
Lot 105--LMG Gills Victory 5411
Lot 107--LMG Gills Game Plan 5405
Lot 108--LMG Gills Boss 5359
Lot 109--LMG Gills Rollo 5389
Lot 110--LMG Gills Sun King 5305
Lot 111--LMG Gills 5448
Lot 112--LMG Gills Indeed 5374
Lot 113--LMG Gills Rollo 5348
Lot 114--LMG Gills Rollo 5375
Lot 115--LMG Gills 5551
Lot 116--LMG Gills Sun King 5304
Lot 117--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5384
Lot 118--LMG Gills Pacer 5400
Lot 119--LMG Gills 5401
Lot 120--LMG Gills Rollo 2376
Lot 122--LMG Gills Grand Statement 5449
Lot 124--LMG Miss Polly 5591
Lot 126--LMG Gills Sun King 5436
Lot 128--LMG Gills Sun King 5561
Lot 129--LMG Gills Lancer 5317
Lot 130--Gills Big Rock 5952
Lot 131--Gill Curve 5954
Lot 132--LMG Gills Hard Drive 6006
Lot 133--LMG Gills Evolution
Lot 134--Gill Curve 5950
Lot 135--LMG Gill Rust 6326
Lot 136--LMG Gills Evolution 6001
Lot 137--LMG Gills Romeo 6339
Lot 138--LMG Gills Rust 6328
Lot 140--Gills Victory 6028
Lot 141--LMG Gills Rust 6332
Lot 142--LMG Gills Premier 6324
Lot 143--LMG Gills Contour 6323
Lot 144--LMG Gills Lightning 6333
Lot 145--LMG Gilss Wave Runner 5953
Lot 146--LMG Gills Direct 6325
Lot 147--LMG Gills Rust 6327
Lot 148--LMG Gills Wave 6005
Lot 149--LMG Gills Kodiak 6002
Lot 150--LMG Gills Victory 6330
Lot 151--LMG Card Shark 6029
Lot 152--LMG Gills Grand Statement 6023
Lot 153--LMG Gills Oscar 6008
Lot 154--LMG Gills Victory 6336
Lot 155--LMG Gills Zaxby 6329
Lot 156--LMG Gills Statement 6335
Lot 157--LMG Gills Toast 6010
Lot 158--LMG Gills Kodiak 6003
Lot 159--LMG Gills Her Builder 6290
Lot 160--LMG Gills Diesel 6220
Lot 161--LMG Gills Optimism 6241
Lot 164--LMG Gills Prospect 6307
Lot 165--LMG Gills Sun King 6218
Lot 166--LMG Gills Lancer6254
Lot 167--LMG Gills Anchor 6012
Lot 168--LMG Gills Prospect 6310
Lot 169--LMG Gills Boss 6316
Lot 170--LMG Gills Statement 6248
Lot 171--LMG Gills Statement 6248
Lot 172--LMG Gills Statement 6256
Lot 173--LMG Gills Sun King 6318
Lot 174--LMG Gills Herd Builder 6281
Lot 175--LMG Gills Statement 6293
Lot 176--LMG Gills Optimism 6245
Lot 177--LMG Gills Game Plan 6203
Lot 178--LMG Gills Rolln Deep 60165
Lot 179--LMG Gills Sun King 6246
Lot 180--LMG Gills Prospect 6311
Lot 181--LMG Gills Victory 6296
Lot 182--LMG Gills Diesel
Lot 183--LMG Gills Prospect 6284
Lot 184--LMG Gills Toast 6011
Lot 185--LMG Gills Diesel 6308
Lot 186--LMG Gills Optimism 6225
Lot 187--LMG Gills Vin Diesel 6211
Lot 188--LMG Gills Trigger 6222
Lot 190--LMG Gills Diesel 6267
Lot 191--LMG Gills Game Plan 6215
Lot 192--LMG Gills Sun King 6223
Lot 193--LMG Gills Rolln Deep 6013
Lot 194--LMG Gills Lancer 6273
Lot 195--LMG Gills Vin Diesel 6272
Lot 196--LMG Gills Optimism 6285
Lot 197--LMG Gills Game Plan 6213
Lot 198--LMG Gills Oly 6303
Lot 199--LMG Gills Prospect 6315
Lot 200--LMG Gills Statement 5268
Lot 201--LMG Gills Victory 6227
Lot 202--LMG Gills Anchor 6104
Lot 203--LMG Gills Victory 6295
Lot 204--LMG Gills Statement 6306
Lot 205--LMG Gills Game Plan 6206
Lot 206--LMG Gills Herd Builder 6274
Lot 207--LMG Gills Prospect 6289
Lot 208--LMG Gills Diesel 6251
Lot 209--LMG Gills Trigger 6302
Lot 210--LMG Gills Sun King 6224
Lot 211--LMG Gills Sun King 6224
Lot 212--LMG Gills Contour 6301
Lot 213--LMG Gills Herd Builder 6238
Lot 214--LMG Gills Diesel 6244
Lot 215--LMG Gills Prospect 6236
Lot 216--LMG Gills Diesel 6313
Lot 217--LMG Gills Sun King 6337
Lot 218--LMG Gills Optimism 6242
Lot 219--LMG Gills Sun King 6201
Lot 220--LMG Gills Herd Builder 6260
Lot 221--LMG Gills Boss 6233
Lot 222--LMG Gills Optimism 6264
Lot 223--LMG Gills Trigger 6204
Lot 225--LMG Gills Herd Builder 6208
Lot 226--LMG Gills Diesel 6272
Lot 227--LMG Gills Quest 6294
Lot 228--LMG Gills Game Plan 6278
Lot 229--LMG Gills Diesel 6228
Lot 230--LMG Gills Prospect 6243
Lot 231--LMG Gills Statement 6237
Lot 232--LMG Gills Herd Builder 6247
Lot 233--LMG Gills Diesel
Lot 234--LMG Gills Contour 6250
Lot 235--LMG Gills Sun King 6300
Lot 236--LMG Gills Statement 6226
Lot 237--LMG Gills Hard Drive 6018
Lot 238--LMG Gills Oly 6216
Lot 239--LMG Gills Statement 6258
Lot 240--LMG Gills Optimism 6257
Lot 241--LMG Gills Boss 6202
Lot 242--LMG Gills Diesel 6280
Lot 243--LMG Gills Sun King 6312
Lot 244--LMG Gills Game Plan 6235
Lot 245--LMG Gills Trigger 6291