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Altenburg Super Baldy
Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:00 PM Mountain

Current Lot : 1 -- ASR Big Time D617

Name : ASR Big Time D617
Sire : Hook's Broadway 11B
DOB : 2/2/2016
MGS : ASR Ms Claybasket X078
BW : 1.3
WW : 67.9
YW : 108.5
MILK : 22.3
CED : 7.2
API : 155.4
TI : 83
Comments : PB SM Bull. HoP*
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Lots with Video

Lot 1--ASR Big Time D617
Lot 2--ASR Nightlife D618
Lot 3--ASR Stronghold D628
Lot 4--ASR Honest Deal D607
Lot 6--ASR Beef Source D608
Lot 7--ASR Blueline D619
Lot 8--ASR Flash Point D6118
Lot 9--ASR Full Stop D631
Lot 10--ASR Super Baldy D682
Lot 11--ASR Super Baldy D646
Lot 12--ASR Big Cat D670
Lot 13--ASR Colorado Chrome D669
Lot 14--ASR Super Baldy D654
Lot 15--ASR Super Baldy D686
Lot 16--ASR Super Baldy D695
Lot 17--ASR Super Baldy D688
Lot 18--ASR Bell Ringer D6231
Lot 19--ASR Capstone D6232
Lot 20--ASR Sure Lock C5236
Lot 21--ASR Loaded Up C5235
Lot 22--ASR New Posse D6147
Lot 23--ASR Open Road D6203
Lot 24--ASR Black Tribute D6198
Lot 25--ASR No Limits D6230
Lot 26--ASR Sharp Edge D6240
Lot 27--ASR Man O War D6239
Lot 29--ASR Red Mountain D625
Lot 30--ASR Super Baldy D635
Lot 31--ASR Super Baldy D683
Lot 32--ASR Super Baldy D690
Lot 33--ASR Tin Cup C5234
Lot 34--ASR Red Larrye D6244
Lot 35--ASR Super Baldy D681
Lot 36--ASR Hard Right D633
Lot 37--ASR Brickyard D636
Lot 38--ASR Super Baldy D615
Lot 39--ASR Augustus C5245
Lot 40--ASR Augustus C5247
Lot 41--ASR Augustus C5254
Lot 42--ASR Westjet D637
Lot 43--ASR Beyond D696
Lot 44--ASR Data Point D6124
Lot 45--ASR Super Baldy D6192
Lot 46--ASR Super Baldy D673
Lot 47--ASR Super Baldy D6204
Lot 48--ASR Super Baldy D6201
Lot 49--ASR Red Respect D613
Lot 50--ASR Super Baldy D652
Lot 51--ASR New Direction C5241
Lot 52--ALL Tour of Duty C5131
Lot 53--ASR Western Justice D616
Lot 54--ASR High Frequency D648
Lot 55--ASR Carry The Mail D632
Lot 56--ASR Red White Blue D653
Lot 57--ASR Gunslinger D689
Lot 58--ASR Relentless D691
Lot 59--ASR Super Baldy D610
Lot 60--ASR Co Pilot D666
Lot 61--ASR Team Mate D6234
Lot 62--ASR Grateful NationD6148
Lot 63--ASR Stepping Up D6237
Lot 64--ASR Face The Wind D687
Lot 65--ASR Workhorse D6103
Lot 66--ASR True Ccommerce D6107
Lot 67--ASR Big City D664
Lot 68--ASR Mr Slammer D697
Lot 70--ASR Super Baldy D6200
Lot 71--ASR Super Baldy D661
Lot 72--ASR Super Baldy D6205
Lot 73--ASR Open Road D6257
Lot 74--ASR Round Up D6254
Lot 75--ASR Co Pilot D6251
Lot 76--ASR Dead Ringer C5233
Lot 77--ASR/JRI Raptor 942
Lot 78--ASR/JRI Raptor 158
Lot 79--ASR/JRI Raptor 096
Lot 80--ASR/JRI Raptor 665
Lot 81--ASR/JCW Fnl Choice D603
Lot 82--ASR Accelerant D6180
Lot 83--ASR Super Baldy D6157
Lot 84--ASR Super Baldy D6112
Lot 85--ASR Super Baldy D6145
Lot 86--ASR No Bet D612
Lot 88--ASR Bitter Root D6166
Lot 90--ASR New Posse C5250
Lot 91--ASR New Posse D6162
Lot 92--ASR New Posse D6154
Lot 93--ASR Grand Marshall D6214
Lot 94--ASR New Posse D6158
Lot 95--ASR Super Baldy D6145
Lot 96--ASR Super Baldy D6139
Lot 98--ASR Super Baldy D6152
Lot 100--ASR Bloodline D6140
Lot 101--ASR Super Baldy D6130
Lot 102--ASR Real World D6167
Lot 103--ASR Bloodline D6136
Lot 104--ASR Coolmore D6160
Lot 105--ASR Electra D6102
Lot 106--ASR/JRI Brattberg Jr 279
Lot 107--ASR/JRI Brattberg Jr 233
Lot 108--ASR Super Baldy C5308
Lot 109--ASR Super Baldy C5301
Lot 110--ASR Super Baldy C5300
Lot 111--ASR Super Baldy C5302
Lot 112--ASR Super Baldy C5306
Lot 113--ASR Super Baldy C5309
Lot 114--ASR Super Baldy C5307
Lot 115--ASR Super Baldy C5303
Lot 116--ASR Super Baldy C5230
Lot 117--ASR Hummer D684
Lot 118--ASR Super Baldy D6210
Lot 119--ASR Super Baldy D6117
Lot 120--ASR Super Baldy D6121
Lot 121--ASR Super Baldy D6218
Lot 122--ASR Megatron D6129
Lot 123--ASR Stateline C5265
Lot 124--ASR Track Star D6208
Lot 126--ASR New Posse D6137
Lot 127--ASR Full Coverage D659
Lot 130--D629
Lot 131--D6164
Lot 132--D6186
Lot 133--D6115
Lot 134--D6217
Lot 135--D6108
Lot 136--D6141
Lot 137--D6191
Lot 138--D6196
Lot 139--D6197
Lot 140--D6135
Lot 141--D6138
Lot 142--D6128
Lot 143--D6189
Lot 144--D6123
Lot 146--D6145
Lot 147--D6155
Lot 148--D6169
Lot 149--D6159
Lot 150--D6116
Lot 151--D6134
Lot 152--D6161
Lot 153--D6171
Lot 154--D6175
Lot 155--D6142
Lot 156--D6126
Lot 157--D6179
Lot 158--D6125
Lot 159--D6174
Lot 160--D6176