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Express Ranches Grass Time Sale
Sat Apr 22, 2017 12:00 PM Central

Current Lot : 67 -- EXAR Rest Easy 6874

Name : EXAR Rest Easy 6874
Sire : EXAR Rest Easy 4701B
DOB : 2/25/2016
Dam : EXAR Ms Checkmate 353
BW : 2.7
WW : 53
YW : 98
MILK : 28
MARB : 0.96
REA : 0.58
CED : 7
$B : 127.86
SC : 0.63
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Lots with Video

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Lot 34--EXAR Payweight 6369B
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Lot 38--EXAR Stetson 6470B
Lot 39--EXAR Easy Express 6465B
Lot 40--EXAR All In 6123B
Lot 41--EXAR All In 6735B
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Lot 47--EXAR Power X 6230B
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Lot 58--EXAR Denver 6553B
Lot 60--EXAR PowerSource 6462B
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Lot 62--EXAR PowerSource 6184B
Lot 63--EXAR PowerSource 6134
Lot 64--EXAR PowerSource 6685B
Lot 65--EXAR Power Source 6752B
Lot 66--EXAR PowerSource 6560B
Lot 67--EXAR Rest Easy 6874
Lot 68--EXAR Rest Easy 6323
Lot 69--EXAR Rest Easy 6362B
Lot 70--EXAR Rest Easy 6376B
Lot 71--EXAR Rampage 6564B [DDC]
Lot 74--EXAR Rampage 6556B
Lot 75--EXAR Prophet 6124B
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Lot 79--EXAR Proceed 6702B
Lot 80--EXAR Journey 9145B
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Lot 86--EXAR Journey 6375B
Lot 87--EXAR Journey 6693B
Lot 88--EXAR Journey 6651B
Lot 92--EXAR Ezx 6114B
Lot 93--EXAR Ezx 6826
Lot 94--EXAR Ezx 0536B
Lot 95--EXAR Ezx 6192B
Lot 97--EXAR Ezx 6606
Lot 98--EXAR EZX 975
Lot 99--EXAR Ezx 6376
Lot 100--EXAR Honky Tonk 6456B
Lot 101--EXAR It All Counts 6127B
Lot 102--EXAR It All Counts 6213B
Lot 103--EXAR Factor 6469B
Lot 104--EXAR Factor 6471B
Lot 105--EXAR Factor 6459B
Lot 106--EXAR Factor 6458B
Lot 109--EXAR Untapped 6126B
Lot 110--EXAR Untapped 6480
Lot 111--EXAR Untapped 6283
Lot 112--EXAR Product 6464B
Lot 113--EXAR Black Granite 6716B
Lot 114--EXAR Insight 6033B
Lot 115--EXAR Insight 6043B
Lot 116--EXAR First Class 6663B
Lot 117--EXAR Absolute 6177B
Lot 118--EXAR Absolute 6508B
Lot 119--EXAR Absolute 3995 [DDC]
Lot 120--EXAR Absolute 6408B
Lot 121--EXAR Absolute 6360B
Lot 122--EXAR Absolute 6427B
Lot 123--EXAR Consensus 6235B
Lot 124--EXAR Consensus 6503H
Lot 125--EXAR Consensus 3565
Lot 126--EXAR Consensus 6059
Lot 127--EXAR Consensus 4005
Lot 129--EXAR Waylon 3065
Lot 130--EXAR Waylon 3405
Lot 131--EXAR Waylon 3755
Lot 132--EXAR First Advance 6466B
Lot 133--EXAR First Advance 6463B
Lot 134--EXAR First Advance 6468B
Lot 135--EXAR Roundtable 708
Lot 136--EXAR Roundtable 6718B
Lot 137--EXAR Roundtable 6736B
Lot 138--EXAR Roundtable 6694B
Lot 139--EXAR Roundtable 6737B
Lot 140--EXAR Roundtable 6695B
Lot 141--EXAR EXclusive 6305
Lot 142--EXAR EXclusive 6181
Lot 143--EXAR EXclusive 6250
Lot 144--EXAR EXclusive 6299
Lot 145--EXAR EXclusive 6422B
Lot 146--EXAR EXclusive 6024
Lot 147--EXAR EXclusive 6355B
Lot 148--EXAR Denver 6168
Lot 149--EXAR Denver 6002
Lot 150--EXAR Denver 6103
Lot 151--EXAR Denver 6858
Lot 152--EXAR Denver 6569B
Lot 153--EXAR Comanchero 0246B
Lot 154--EXAR Comanchero 6680
Lot 155--EXAR Comanchero 6352
Lot 156--EXAR Comanchero 6056
Lot 157--EXAR Comanchero 6372
Lot 158--EXAR Combination 6675B
Lot 159--EXAR Combination 6365B
Lot 160--EXAR Combination 6357B
Lot 161--EXAR Combination 6398
Lot 162--EXAR Combination 6418
Lot 163--EXAR Combination 6634
Lot 164--EXAR Combination 6367B
Lot 165--EXAR Consistent 6224B
Lot 166--EXAR Ten X 6710
Lot 167--EXAR Ten X 6752
Lot 168--EXAR Ten X 6838
Lot 170--EXAR Ten X 6846
Lot 171--EXAR Ten-Four 6122B
Lot 172--EXAR Wisdom 6107B
Lot 173--EXAR Roundtable 0436B
Lot 175--EXAR Roundtable 6717B
Lot 176--EXAR Style 0546B
Lot 177--EXAR Skyfall 6747B
Lot 179--EXAR First Response 6658B
Lot 180--EXAR First Response 6656B
Lot 181--EXAR First Response 6662B
Lot 182--EXAR Blue Chip 6117B
Lot 183--EXR Access 6027
Lot 184--EXR LEGEND 5036
Lot 185--EXR UPRISING 6034
Lot 186--EXR CATAPULT 6002
Lot 187--EXR TRUST 6015
Lot 189--EXR Access 6004
Lot 190--EXR Access 6005

Lots without Video

Lot 201--EXAR Envious Blackbird 6920
Lot 202--EXAR Princess 6928
Lot 203--EXAR Princess 0806
Lot 204--EXAR Frontier Gal 6297
Lot 205--EXAR Winnie 6296
Lot 206--EXAR Frontier Gal 0646
Lot 207--EXAR Forever Lady 6286
Lot 208--EXAR Saras Dream 6288
Lot 209--EXAR Erica 6929
Lot 210--EXAR Winnie 6923
Lot 211--EXAR Winnie 6925
Lot 212--EXAR Winnie 6927
Lot 213--EXAR Winnie 6921
Lot 214--EXAR Winnie 6924
Lot 215--EXAR Princess 6926
Lot 221--EXAR Envious Blackbird 2045
Lot 222--EXAR Blackbird 5429
Lot 223--J&J Royal Lass 546
Lot 224--EXAR Frontier Gal 5883
Lot 225--Laflins Galaxie 5532
Lot 226--EXAR Lady 0955
Lot 227--EXAR Princess 0975
Lot 228--Chapman Queen 570
Lot 229--EXAR Blackcap 5760
Lot 230--EXAR Frontier Gal 5798
Lot 231--EXAR Queen 5835
Lot 232--EXAR Blackbird 0855
Lot 233--EXAR Bardot 5847
Lot 234--EXAR Princess 5859
Lot 235--EXAR Princess 5908
Lot 236--EXAR Miss Barbara 5505
Lot 237--EXAR Miss Ellie 5373
Lot 238--EXAR Pride 5511
Lot 239--EXAR Chloe 5549
Lot 240--EXAR Princess 5886
Lot 241--EXAR Evas 0945
Lot 242--EXAR Frontier Gal 5780
Lot 243--EXAR Frontier Gal 5804
Lot 244--EXAR Northern Miss 5812
Lot 245--EXAR Evas 5302
Lot 246--EXAR Primrose 5925
Lot 247--EXAR Forever Lady 5912
Lot 251--EXAR Princess 8804
Lot 251A--EXAR McKinley 7001B
Lot 252--EXAR Penny 5169
Lot 252A--EXAR Bottom Line 7012B
Lot 253--EXAR Queen Mother 5463
Lot 253A--EXAR Queen Mother 7127
Lot 254--EXAR Insight 5252
Lot 254A--EXAR Blackcap 7012
Lot 255--EXAR Forever Trendy 5103
Lot 255A--EXAR Forever Trendy 7116
Lot 256--Dameron Blackbird 550
Lot 256A--EXAR Blackbird 7115
Lot 257--EXAR Rita 5039
Lot 257A--EXAR Insight 7038B
Lot 258--EXAR Blackcap 5054
Lot 258A--EXAR Insight 7010B
Lot 259--EXAR Princess 5040
Lot 259A--EXAR Insight 7009B
Lot 260--EXAR Miss Blackfoot 5008
Lot 261--EXAR Rita 5049
Lot 261A--EXAR Rita 7040
Lot 262--EXAR Miss Barbara 5474
Lot 262A--EXAR Miss Barbara 7210
Lot 263--Seldom Rest Blackbird 5004
Lot 263A--EXAR Unbelievable 7127B
Lot 264--EXAR Madame Pride 5224
Lot 264A--EXAR Rampage 7017B
Lot 265--EXAR Royal Lass 5108
Lot 265A--EXAR Royal Lass 7117
Lot 266--EXAR Pride 5432
Lot 266A--EXAR Avatar 7129B
Lot 267--EXAR Blackcap 5465
Lot 267A--EXAR Insight 7146B
Lot 269--Justamere 1447 Wendy 841C
Lot 269A--EXAR Wendy 7016
Lot 270--EXAR Blackbird 5487
Lot 270A--EXAR Stud 7144B
Lot 271--EXAR Blackcap 5468
Lot 271A--EXAR Rampage 7232B
Lot 272--EXAR Blackcap 5267
Lot 272A--EXAR Payweight 7228B
Lot 273--EXAR Blackcap 5281
Lot 273A--EXAR Blackcap 7220
Lot 274--EXAR Blackcap 5466
Lot 274A--EXAR Blackcap 7230
Lot 275--EXAR Evergreen 5477
Lot 275A--EXAR Evergreen 7221
Lot 276--EXAR Rita 5482
Lot 276A--EXAR Rita 7229
Lot 277--EXAR Chloe 5483
Lot 277A--EXAR Chloe 7231
Lot 279--EXAR Chloe 5625
Lot 279A--EXAR Chloe 7222
Lot 280--EXAR Rita 5105
Lot 280A--EXAR Rita 7219
Lot 281--EXAR Forever Lady 5089
Lot 281A--EXAR Forever Lady 7209
Lot 282--Sitz Henrietta Pride 285U
Lot 282A--EXAR Stud 7239B
Lot 283--Basin Lucy W213
Lot 283A--EXAR Lucy 7094
Lot 284--EXAR Everelda 6021
Lot 284A--EXAR Everelda 7526
Lot 285--EXAR Blackcap 7581
Lot 285A--EXAR Impression 7241B
Lot 286--EXAR Blackcap 1781
Lot 287--EXAR Queen 1776
Lot 287A--EXAR Stud 7068B
Lot 288--EXAR Forever Lady 1550
Lot 288A--EXAR Top Game 7438B
Lot 289--EXAR Lucy 5711
Lot 289A--EXAR Lucy 7524
Lot 290--EXAR Rita 979
Lot 290A--EXAR Avatar 7520B
Lot 291--EXAR Elba 3181
Lot 291A--EXAR Stetson 7063B
Lot 292--EXAR Primrose 2404
Lot 292A--EXAR Avatar 7400B
Lot 293--EXAR Royal Lass 0922
Lot 293A--EXAR Consensus 7589B
Lot 294--EXAR Lucy 0035
Lot 294A--EXAR Lucy 7537
Lot 295--EXAR Dixie Erica 0293
Lot 295A--EXAR Dixie Erica 7445
Lot 296--EXAR Ruth 0292
Lot 296A--EXAR Top Game 7436B
Lot 297--EXAR Evergreen 0226
Lot 297A--EXAR Top Game 7467B
Lot 298--EXAR Blackcap 0520
Lot 298A--EXAR Blackcap 7392
Lot 299--EXAR Blackcap 2762
Lot 299A--EXAR Blackcap 7540
Lot 300--EXAR Queen B 9045
Lot 300A--EXAR Queen B 7063
Lot 301--EXAR Blackbird Lady 5521
Lot 301A--EXAR Rampage 7508B
Lot 303--EXAR Rita 1519
Lot 303A--EXAR Insight 7405B
Lot 304--EXAR Blackbird 0267
Lot 304A--EXAR Insight 7454B
Lot 305--EXAR Ruth 0551
Lot 305A--EXAR Ruth 7393
Lot 306--EXAR Rita 0549
Lot 306A--EXAR Avatar 7420B
Lot 307--EXAR Lady 0555
Lot 307A--EXAR Insight 7460B
Lot 308--SydGen Forever Lady 0105
Lot 308A--EXAR Insight 7080B
Lot 309--EXAR Rita 0541
Lot 309A--EXAR Rita 7450
Lot 310--Blackjacks Ms Jilt 2040
Lot 310A--EXAR Avatar 7511B
Lot 311--EXAR Rita 2422
Lot 311A--EXAR Epic 7448B
Lot 312--Seldom Rest Miss Emulous 639
Lot 312A--EXAR Epic 7535B
Lot 313--EXAR Blacklass 2089
Lot 313A--EXAR Blacklass 7562
Lot 314--EXAR Wendy 2282
Lot 314A--EXAR Wendy 7410
Lot 316--EXAR Princess 5512
Lot 316A--EXAR Blue Chip 7246B
Lot 317--EXAR Blackcap 2428
Lot 317A--EXAR Upshot 7464B
Lot 318--EXAR Blackcap 2233
Lot 318A--EXAR Insight 7402B
Lot 319--EXAR Forever Lady 1551
Lot 319A--EXAR Forever Lady 7455
Lot 320--EXAR Chloe 1130
Lot 320A--EXAR Chloe 7572
Lot 321--EXAR Cloudy Girl 1441
Lot 321A--EXAR Insight 7399B
Lot 322--EXAR Blanche 1531
Lot 322A--EXAR Upshot 7431B
Lot 323--EXAR Lucy 1533
Lot 323A--EXAR Upshot 7481B
Lot 324--EXAR Rita 1520
Lot 324A--EXAR Upshot 7477B
Lot 325--EXAR Evergreen 1514
Lot 325A--EXAR Evergreen 7391
Lot 326--Blackjacks MS Aberdeen 148
Lot 326A--EXAR Upshot 7476B
Lot 327--EXAR Queen 1729
Lot 327A--EXAR Cowboy Up 7595B
Lot 328--Malsons Blackcap 169X
Lot 328A--EXAR Blackcap 7544
Lot 329--EXAR Zara 0973
Lot 329A--EXAR Zara 7569
Lot 330--EXAR Blackcap 0365
Lot 330A--EXAR Blackcap 7458
Lot 331--EXAR Pride 0472
Lot 332--EXAR Cassie 0357
Lot 332A--EXAR Cassie 7484
Lot 333--EXAR Blackcap 0631
Lot 333A--EXAR Hi-Tech 7463B
Lot 334--EXAR Rita 0201
Lot 334A--EXAR Rita 7514
Lot 335--EXAR Dora 0623
Lot 335A--EXAR Upshot 7429B
Lot 336--EXAR Pride 0464
Lot 336A--EXAR Insight 7444B
Lot 337--Blackjacks Blackbird 076
Lot 337A--EXAR Impression 7245B
Lot 338--EXAR Lass 0879
Lot 338A--EXAR Lass 7533
Lot 339--EXAR Forever Lady Kem 0435
Lot 339A--EXAR Forever Lady Kem 7405
Lot 340--EXAR Winnie 018
Lot 340A--EXAR Winnie 7528
Lot 341--EXAR Classic Lady 0290
Lot 341A--EXAR Classic Lady 7475
Lot 342--EXAR Tara 0870
Lot 343--EXAR Blackbird 04401
Lot 343A--EXAR Insight 7403B
Lot 344--EXAR Pride 0115
Lot 344A--EXAR Impression 7596B
Lot 345--EXAR Candolier 0580
Lot 345A--EXAR Upshot 7462B
Lot 346--EXAR Candolier 0572
Lot 346A--EXAR Candolier 7436
Lot 347--EXAR Princess 0574
Lot 347A--EXAR Rampage 7449B
Lot 348--EXAR Winnie 0697
Lot 348A--EXAR Winnie 7532
Lot 349--EXAR Eriskay Q38 0545
Lot 349A--EXAR Eriskay 7397
Lot 350--EXAR Enamel 0001
Lot 350A--EXAR Enamel 7531
Lot 351--EXAR Rita 0510
Lot 351A--EXAR Rita 7453
Lot 352--EXAR Royal Lass 0521
Lot 352A--EXAR Insight 7395B
Lot 353--EXAR Pride 0734
Lot 353A--EXAR Pride 7575
Lot 354--EXAR Lucy 9850
Lot 354A--EXAR Stud 7156B
Lot 355--EXAR Blackcap 9836
Lot 355A--EXAR Consensus 7240B
Lot 356--EXAR Princess 9830
Lot 356A--EXAR Roundtable 7163B
Lot 357--EXAR Chloe 9985
Lot 357A--EXAR Chloe 7579
Lot 358--EXAR Lucy 9363
Lot 358A--EXAR Impression 7598B
Lot 359--EXAR Wendy 9963
Lot 359A--EXAR Resistol 7509B
Lot 360--EXAR Blackcap 9915
Lot 361--EXAR Evergreen 9354
Lot 361A--EXAR Epic 7533B
Lot 362--EXAR Empress Kin 9202
Lot 362A--EXAR Stud 7582B
Lot 363--EXAR Blackcap 9351
Lot 363A--EXAR Blackcap 7510
Lot 364--EXAR Blackcap 9174
Lot 364A--EXAR Blackcap 7561
Lot 365--EXAR Blackcap 9176
Lot 365A--EXAR Blackcap 7552
Lot 366--EXAR Blackcap 9166
Lot 366A--EXAR Blackcap 7571
Lot 367--EXAR Lassie C 9129
Lot 367A--EXAR Epic 7539B
Lot 368--PVR Blackbird 9117
Lot 368A--EXAR Consensus 7597B
Lot 370--EXAR Twin Eagles 9151
Lot 370A--EXAR Consensus 7593B
Lot 371--EXAR Lucy 9636
Lot 371A--EXAR Lucy 7401
Lot 372--EXAR Envious Blackbird 9128
Lot 372A--EXAR Consensus 7587B
Lot 373--EXAR Evergreen 9320
Lot 373A--EXAR Evergreen 7553
Lot 374--EXAR Enamel 9756
Lot 374A--EXAR Enamel 7534
Lot 375--EXAR Valentine 9595
Lot 375A--EXAR Insight 7424B
Lot 376--EXAR Empress 9282
Lot 376A--EXAR Empress 7577
Lot 377--EXAR Erica Lassie 9565
Lot 377A--EXAR Upshot 7458B
Lot 377B--Hfr Twin to Bull
Lot 379--EXAR Carin 81240
Lot 379A--EXAR Rampage 7512B
Lot 380--EXAR Forever Lady 81226
Lot 380A--EXAR Consensus 7588B
Lot 381--EXAR Blackcap 84208
Lot 381A--EXAR Blackcap 7565
Lot 383--EXAR Miss Traveler Q38 81065
Lot 383A--EXAR Resistol 7501B
Lot 384--EXAR Rita 82065
Lot 384A--EXAR Insight 7526B
Lot 385--EXAR Miss Bando 84079
Lot 385A--EXAR Rita 7504 [OHP]
Lot 386--EXAR Mabel 84012
Lot 386A--EXAR Mabel 7573
Lot 387--EXAR Forever Lady 6647
Lot 387A--EXAR Forever Lady 7531B
Lot 401--EXAR Miss Barbara 6493
Lot 402--EXAR Rita 6485
Lot 403--EXAR Rita 6486
Lot 404--EXAR Cloudy Girl 6433
Lot 405--EXAR Blackcap 1086
Lot 406--EXAR Blackcap 6481
Lot 407--EXAR Enchantress 6489
Lot 408--EXAR Mabel 1056
Lot 409--EXAR Blacklass 6112
Lot 410--EXAR Primrose 6662
Lot 411--EXAR Winnie 6656
Lot 412--EXAR Princess 6107
Lot 413--EXAR Winnie 6760
Lot 415--EXAR Queen 6790
Lot 416--EXAR Evas 6603
Lot 417--EXAR Everelda Entense 6608
Lot 418--EXAR Joy 6605
Lot 419--EXAR Pride 6494
Lot 420--EXAR Pride 1076
Lot 421--EXAR Blackcap 6499
Lot 422--EXAR Blackcap 6496
Lot 423--EXAR Lucy 1226
Lot 424--EXAR Ruth 6484
Lot 425--EXAR Rita 6736
Lot 426--EXAR Lady 0166
Lot 427--EXAR Rita 0006
Lot 428--EXAR Rita 6756
Lot 429--EXAR Rita 6117
Lot 430--EXAR Chloe 6474
Lot 431--EXAR Eriskay Q38 6127
Lot 432--EXAR Rita 6120
Lot 433--EXAR Blackcap 6124
Lot 434--EXAR Blackcap 6118
Lot 435--EXAR Blackcap 6119
Lot 436--EXAR Chloe 6135
Lot 437--EXAR Princess 1156
Lot 438--EXAR Rita 1106
Lot 439--EXAR Blackbird 6497
Lot 440--EXAR Princess 5945
Lot 441--EXAR Princess 6739
Lot 442--EXAR Blackcap 6055
Lot 443--EXAR Princess 6740
Lot 444--EXAR Princess 6741
Lot 445--KDH Miss Blackcap 6004
Lot 446--EXAR Rita 1126
Lot 447--EXAR Queenie 6468
Lot 448--EXAR Blackbird 6132
Lot 449--EXAR Lass 6130
Lot 450--EXAR Primrose 6122
Lot 451--EXAR Blackbird 6770
Lot 452--EXAR Cassie 6483
Lot 453--EXAR Blackcap 6457
Lot 454--EXAR Lady Blanche 6126
Lot 455--EXAR Dixie Erica 6607
Lot 456--EXAR Emulation 6609
Lot 457--EXAR Cassie 6450
Lot 458--EXAR Elba 6136
Lot 459--EXAR Evas 6111
Lot 460--EXAR Princess 1136
Lot 461--EXAR Blackcap 6125
Lot 462--EXAR Patricia 6124
Lot 463--EXAR Blackbird 1146
Lot 464--EXAR Rita 6612
Lot 465--EXAR Princess 6694
Lot 466--EXAR Princess 6149
Lot 467--EXAR Lady Eris 6101
Lot 468--EXAR Blackcap 1176
Lot 469--EXAR Blackcap 6345
Lot 471--EXAR Forever Lady 6504
Lot 472--EXAR Eriskay Q38 6399
Lot 473--EXAR Erica Lassie 6414
Lot 474--EXAR Ever Entense 6556
Lot 475--EXAR Clova Pride 6512
Lot 477--EXAR Rita 6455
Lot 478--EXAR Blackbird 6454
Lot 479--EXAR Blackcap 1116
Lot 480--EXAR Princess 1036
Lot 481--EXAR Miss Q38 1306
Lot C1--Tags 505, 509, 510, 513, 545
Lot C2--Tags 514, 516, 518, 522, 523
Lot C3--Tags 525, 526, 528, 530, 531
Lot C4--Tags 535, 537, 538, 541, 544
Lot C5--Tags 547, 549, 552, 553, 557
Lot C6--Tags 559, 561, 563, 566, 570
Lot C7--Tags 501, 508, 512, 517, 533
Lot C8--Tags 506, 511, 539, 548, 560
Lot C9--Tags 515, 519, 520, 534, 536
Lot C10--Tags 543, 550, 558, 562, 564
Lot C11--Tags 502, 503, 542, 568, 569
Lot C12--Tags 507, 524, 527, 532, 540
Lot C13--Tags 546, 551, 554, 555, 565
Lot C14--Tags 504, 521, 529, 556, 567
Lot C15--Tags 571-575
Lot C16--Tags 576-580
Lot C17--Tags 581-585
Lot C18--Tags 586-590
Lot C19--Tags 591-595
Lot C20--Tags 596-600
Lot C21--Tags 601-605