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Ohlde Cattle Company
Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:00 PM Central

Current Lot : 1

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Lots with Video

Lot 7--OCC Catalyst 618C
Lot 22--OCC Cannon 686C
Lot 46--OCC Cortez 819C
Lot 38--OCC Chancellor 767C
Lot 27--OCC Complete 343C
Lot 28--OCC Captain 710C
Lot 18--OCC Cadence 670C
Lot 12--OCC Creator 643C
Lot 35--OCC Cash 755C
Lot 36--OCC Churchill 760C
Lot 15--OCC Creed 656C
Lot 16--OCC Conquest 660C
Lot 74--OCC Paxton 312C
Lot 72--OCC 482Z Eureka 309C
Lot 81--OCC Zodiac 354C
Lot 75--OCC 482Z Eureka 317C
Lot 71--OCC Y Not 308C
Lot 76--OCC Big Time 323C
Lot 84--OCC Big Time 374C
Lot 106--OCC Zuk 177C
Lot 98--OCC Zodiac 150C
Lot 114--OCC Gulf Stream 119C
Lot 109--OCC Gulf Stream 271C
Lot 110--OCC Zuk 280C
Lot 108--OCC Gulf Stream 191C
Lot 102--OCC Zodiac 166C
Lot 111--OCC Zuk 284C
Lot 52--OCC Castle Rock 857C
Lot 55--OCC Candor 920C
Lot 58--OCC Challenger 953C
Lot 56--OCC Colonel 923C
Lot 54--OCC Cavalier 911C
Lot 53--OCC Chisholm 871C
Lot 57--OCC Columbus 925C
Lot 59--OCC Colby 994C
Lot 2--OCC Camelot 609C
Lot 3--OCC Cameo 610C
Lot 5--OCC Cajun 616C
Lot 6--OCC Cascade 617C
Lot 14--OCC Concord 652C
Lot 31--OCC Changer 724C
Lot 40--OCC Champ 777C
Lot 4--OCC Chinook 615C
Lot 19--OCC Complement 671C
Lot 23--OCC Commando 688C
Lot 47--OCC Cisco Kid 823C
Lot 48--OCC Copenhagen 827C
Lot 34--OCC Checkmate 741C
Lot 45--OCC Commodore 810C
Lot 44--OCC Cossack 804C
Lot 79--OCC Big Time 342C
Lot 77--OCC Y Not 326C
Lot 80--OCC Zodiac 348C
Lot 82--OCC X-cel 355C
Lot 90--OCC Rear End 418C
Lot 85--OCC Y Not 375C
Lot 89--OCC Unmistakable 417C
Lot 92--OCC Zodiac 431C
Lot 91--OCC Rear End 422C
Lot 93--OCC Zodiac 438C
Lot 86--OCC Xample 376C
Lot 88--OCC Xample 386C
Lot 94--OCC Z189 Eureka 440C
Lot 87--OCC 300X Paxton 377C
Lot 103--OCC Xample 168C
Lot 113--OCC Zuk 286C
Lot 99--OCC Zodiac 155C
Lot 95--OCC Homer 101C
Lot 97--OCC Zuk 145C
Lot 96--OCC Lowboy 117C
Lot 101--OCC Paxton 164C
Lot 100--OCC Gulf Stream 163C
Lot 104--OCC Zuk 174C
Lot 105--OCC Y Not 175C
Lot 61--CM Cinch 7105C
Lot 62--CM Classic 7106C
Lot 64--CM Cartwright 7109C
Lot 67--CM Connection 7117C
Lot 26--OCC Clout 698C
Lot 29--OCC Casey 718C
Lot 13--OCC Contender 650C
Lot 30--OCC Castor 723C
Lot 17--OCC Comrade 661C
Lot 9--OCC Corporal 627C
Lot 10--OCC Carson 638C
Lot 8--OCC Consulate 626C
Lot 24--OCC Commander 696C
Lot 20--OCC Cain 680C
Lot 21--OCC Compromise 683C
Lot 25--OCC Concept 329C
Lot 32--OCC Cartier 725C
Lot 39--OCC Coach 771C
Lot 69--CM Cloud Nine 7131C
Lot 65--CM Cisco 7111C
Lot 68--CM Calistoga 7129C
Lot 63--CM Compass 7108C
Lot 43--OCC Citron 803C
Lot 42--OCC Confirm 800C
Lot 37--OCC Cassidy 762C
Lot 49--OCC Colin 833C
Lot 50--OCC Colleague 837C
Lot 51--OCC Ballot 956B
Lot 33--OCC Ceres 739C
Lot 116--OCC Dixie Erica 929W
Lot 117--OCC Revolution Rose 807Z
Lot 115--OCC Juanada 652Z
Lot 118--OCC Dixie Erica 785B
Lot 119--OCC Dixie Erica 863B
Lot 141--OCC Erica Lassie 909A
Lot 142--OCC Erica Lassie 930Z
Lot 143--OCC Dixie Erica 939Z
Lot 145--OCC Dixie Erica 951Z
Lot 121--OCC Pollyanna 844U
Lot 122--OCC Dixie Erica 612Y
Lot 139--Limestone Dixie Erica Y675
Lot 144--OCC Dixie Erica 948Z
Lot 120--OCC Dixie Erica 633A
Lot 140--OCC Blackcap 604Z
Lot 138--OCC Juanada 603W
Lot 123--OCC Dixie Erica 654Z
Lot 132--OCC Juanada 824C
Lot 130--OCC Dixie Erica 768C
Lot 126--OCC Blackbird 669C
Lot 125--OCC Juanada 636C
Lot 128--OCC Dixie Erica 733C
Lot 127--OCC Dixie Erica 704C
Lot 131--OCC Blackcap 796C
Lot 124--OCC Dixie Erica 733B
Lot 129--OCC Erica Lassie 747C
Lot 134--OCC Juanada 988C
Lot 135--OCC Dixie Erica 9005C
Lot 137--OCC Dixie Erica 9041C
Lot 133--OCC Juanada 965C
Lot 136--OCC Dixie Erica 9032C
Lot 153--OCC Dixie Erica 782D
Lot 147--OCC Pollyanna 653D
Lot 151--OCC Dixie Erica 693D
Lot 146--OCC Dixie Erica 643D
Lot 152--OCC Juanada 755D
Lot 148--OCC Juanada 658D
Lot 150--OCC Dixie Erica 684D
Lot 149--OCC Dixie Erica 671D
Lot 158--CM Primrose 678D
Lot 154--CM Juanada 582C
Lot 155--CM Juanada 583C
Lot 157--CM Blackbird 10R6
Lot 173--OCC Miss 266A
Lot 176--OCC Miss 1003C
Lot 174--OCC Miss 122B
Lot 177--OCC Miss 290C
Lot 175--OCC Miss 105B
Lot 178--OCC Miss 070C
Lot 179--OCC Miss 060D
Lot 180--OCC Miss 103D
Lot 159--OCC Miss Eureka 522N
Lot 160--OCC Miss 404U
Lot 163--OCC Miss 308A
Lot 161--OCC Miss Eureka 401Y
Lot 162--OCC Miss 303R
Lot 165--OCC Miss 304D
Lot 167--OCC Miss 314D
Lot 166--OCC Miss 305D
Lot 169--OCC Miss 338D
Lot 170--OCC Miss 341D
Lot 171--OCC Miss 354D
Lot 168--OCC Miss 315D
Lot 172--OCC Miss 364D