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Bradley 3 Ranch Focused on the Future 2017 Heifer Sale
Fri Jul 28, 2017 10:00 AM Central

*Please select a lot below*


Lots with Video

Lot 1--B3R D206 Carla Y409 B171
Lot 2--B3R D186 Lilly W299 B173
Lot 3--B3R D290 Carmen B141 X191
Lot 4--B3R D067 KEP Miss B325 U123
Lot 5--B3R D339 Blackbird Y184 T080
Lot 6--B3R D182 Primrose A263 B046
Lot 7--B3R D054 Primrose U077 2011
Lot 8--B3R D282 Viola X147 Y053
Lot 9--B3R D236 Elise Z422 Y265
Lot 10--B3R D325 Blackbird Y184 W267
Lot 11--B3R D076 KEP Miss Z180 U253
Lot 12--B3R D313 Blackcap Y088 S227
Lot 13--B3R D343 Blackbird B325 Z198
Lot 14--B3R D210 Blackbird Y409 B328
Lot 15--B3R D341 Blackbird Y184 X115
Lot 16--B3R D046 Blackcap U077 B371
Lot 17--B3R D286 Carmen Z187 W220
Lot 18--B3R D255 Lady Z422 Y078
Lot 19--B3R D087 Elise Y088 X193
Lot 20--B3R D241 Queen Z422 X274
Lot 21--B3R D252 Lady A101 U022
Lot 22--B3R D131 Blackcap A177 A257
Lot 23--B3R D315 Carla A101 S229
Lot 24--B3R D075 Dolly Y088 X122
Lot 25--B3R D277 Elba A101 U207
Lot 26--B3R D271 Erica W233 X243
Lot 27--B3R D305 Emilia Y088 Z250
Lot 28--B3R D331 Blackbird Y184 Y291
Lot 29--B3R D106 Dutchess W242 Z120
Lot 30--B3R D102 Pride Y088 W024
Lot 31--B3R D123 Blackcap Y088 W303
Lot 32--B3R D118 Lady Y088 Y071
Lot 33--B3R D204 Blackcap IB2 B144
Lot 34--B3R D199 Erica A229 B266
Lot 35--B3R D124 Erica X523 A318
Lot 36--B3R D058 Zara U077 9688
Lot 37--B3R D057 Blk Lily B325 2384
Lot 38--B3R D055 Primrose Y248 2026
Lot 39--B3R D310 Blackbird Y184 S118
Lot 40--B3R D062 Lady U077 Y064
Lot 41--B3R D159 Georgina X523 A041
Lot 42--B3R D259 Lady Z422 Y194
Lot 43--B3R D238 Elise Z422 W114
Lot 44--B3R D145 Erioria X523 A321
Lot 45--B3R D244 Lady Z422 W082
Lot 46--B3R D041 Blackcap Y088 S051
Lot 47--B3R D257 Miss Doll W242 Z112
Lot 48--B3R D309 Carmen Z180 T056
Lot 49--B3R D078 Queen A101 W215
Lot 50--B3R D176 Miss Doll A229 B159
Lot 51--B3R D215 Emilia A229 B092
Lot 52--B3R D042 Blackbird Z151 A202
Lot 53--B3R D348 Blackbird Z053 Z299
Lot 54--B3R D150 Carla A177 A189
Lot 55--B3R D121 Blackbird Y088 U205
Lot 56--B3R D335 Belle Z187 Y139
Lot 57--B3R D299 Carmen Z180 X198
Lot 58--B3R D043 Dutchess X523 A332
Lot 59--B3R D239 Queen Z422 Y065
Lot 60--B3R D256 Dolly Z422 Y250
Lot 61--B3R D175 Elba A229 B286
Lot 62--B3R D137 Pride X523 A334
Lot 63--B3R D303 Carmen Y248 Z248
Lot 64--B3R D285 Blackcap Z180 T152
Lot 65--B3R D284 Blackcap Z180 T152
Lot 66--B3R D018 CCR Z231 Z016
Lot 67--B3R D023 CCR 456 A019
Lot 68--B3R D029 CCR 456 B022
Lot 69--B3R D030 CCR Ledger B016
Lot 70--B3R D031 CCR Ledger B028