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Purina Wind and Rain Value Added Nutrition

For over 125 years Purina’s goal has been to provide a quality product with the intent to bring out the best in the animals it is being fed to. The Wind and Rain value-added program puts that intent into action, working with producers to gain recognition for feeding a quality mineral to their cattle. Thousands of producers across the nation have viewed the benefits of feeding Wind and Rain firsthand through Purina’s Proof Pays trials. These trials show consistent consumption, which helps translate to success in the pasture and future production phases. 
To qualify for the program, the calves must be raised on dams fed a Wind and Rain® or RangeLand® Pro mineral product for a year prior and were fed a Wind and Rain® mineral, RangeLand® Pro mineral, or a Purina Stress Tub® product themselves prior to delivery date.   Purina Dealers will work with Superior Reps to authenticate that a producer purchased the appropriate amount of mineral per the calves being marketed. 
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