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Reputation Feeder Cattle ®

Reputation Feeder Cattle® (RFC) is an added-value certification program that evaluates calf group inherent genetic merit, documents its calf-management history, and then predicts its performance potential, both in the feedyard and as carcasses on the rail.
The Reputation Feeder Cattle® program is simple and has three integral parts:
  1. RFC evaluates the inherent genetic merit of a specific calf group, and then identifies its unique strengths and weaknesses in the six traits that drive feedlot performance and carcass quality.
  2. RFC documents that calf group’s management history (health, handling, and nutrition), and then verifies its herd of origin to ensure program integrity.  Note: RFC will honor and reciprocate with other USDA PVP programs, providing they include Age & Source Verification. 
  3. RFC predicts that calf group’s performance potential of its trait strengths (i.e., growth, efficiency, and carcass quality), as well as predicting its relative economic value-added.
Reputation Feeder Cattle program enables the entire cattle production supply chain to operate more effectively together to produce animals that are better suited to meet 
marketplace demands.