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Calf Management/Buy with Confidence

Consumers demand information about the products they purchase, and this holds true for buyers of feeder cattle. The Calf Management component of RFC is an approved PVP under USDA authorization. As an auditor, Verified Beef audits and documents management protocols on the ranch that impact the health and nutrition of the calf before and after it’s born. These may include records for vaccination, weaning, and post-weaning feeding and deworming protocols, as well as records on the cow herd that include pre- and post-partum mineral programs, deworming, and vaccinations.
Every set of calves has a history, which ultimately determines value. Whether going directly on feed or to stocker/backgrounder, that history impacts cost of gain and value at harvest. Documented cattle with predictable performance cost less at closeout. Buyers know that huge value differences exist between calf groups, yet they are often limited to sorting calf groups by hide color and size only. Without accurate value indicators, cattle with the genetic potential to perform well and yield good carcasses end up mixed in with cattle that lack the same potential, leaving the buyer working with just average calves. 
The Reputation Feeder Cattle® program identifies each calf group’s health and nutrition history, and informs potential buyers. And to complete the puzzle, RFC identifies each calf group’s genetic makeup to help feeders refine performance projections and carcass characteristics at harvest.