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Superior Progressive Genetics

Superior Progressive Genetics is an innovative value-added program launched by Superior Livestock Auction to further enhance the marketing of cattle with top quality genetics. 

Superior Progressive Genetics creates a premium to both seedstock producers and their bull-buying customers by branding the seedstock producer's logo on-screen for qualified lots on Superior Livestock’s bi-monthly cattle auctions.

The goal is to create a recognizable program that will enhance the value of qualified load lots, ultimately generating a greater premium for commercial cattlemen when their calves sell.


  1. Superior Progressive Genetics is a program that will produce the most cost-effective marketing to the most relevant national audience at a minimum cost.
  2. When the calves sell on Superior Livestock Auction, the seedstock producer’s ranch name logo will be displayed onscreen for the duration of the lot selling to designate that they are Superior Progressive Genetics.
  3. This excellent branding and marketing tool will target Superior’s consignors and buyers nationwide plus the universe of cattlemen watching on television and online as the calves sell.
  4. This program will expand the seedstock producer’s buyer base as more commercial cattlemen participate.
  5. Seedstock participants will also receive an open invitation to attend Superior’s special summer sales and promote their breeding program to the largest cow/calf operations in the U.S.



  1. Superior Progressive Genetics is a value-added program that will identify load lots of cattle selling that are sired by the top genetics in the industry.
  2. Superior Progressive Genetics is the next value-added program in line to make a positive impact on cattle prices for qualified participants and offer the Superior Advantage. The qualified lots will be identified as being sired by "Progressive Genetics" bulls in the Superior Livestock Auction catalog.



  1. The Superior consignor will have purchased enough bulls directly from a qualified SPG seedstock producer to sire an entire load of calves.
  2. Superior Reps will identify the cattle as qualifying for SPG as well as list the seedstock producer(s) from which the bulls were purchased.
  3. On sale day, qualified lots will receive the Superior Progressive Genetics logo on TV and Click -to-Bid as the lot is selling. Participating seedstock producers will also have their ranch name/ logo branded on-screen next to the Superior Progressive Genetics logo.



Click here to see a current list of the participating ranches!