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Superior Right Slide

To our valued customers, buyers and consignors alike, we thank you for the trust you have placed in Superior Livestock Auction through the years.  Together, we have established the status of The Nation’s Leader in Livestock Marketing.  As always, we want you to know that we will strive to serve you, and the industry as a whole, with the most effective, fair, and equitable livestock marketing methods, including the development of new ideas as needed.

Superior RightSlide

We are pleased to announce a new method of pricing for pounds over base weight that we believe will serve both consignors and buyers well by reducing the complexity of the conventional slide, and removing the associated uncertainty of the effect of extra pounds at delivery.  The new method will be called Superior RightSlide.  The name was derived from the simple guiding principle in working out tough negotiations which is “If everyone just does what is RIGHT, it will work out fine”.  The simple calculation will be as follows:

If the average weight is over the base weight the additional pounds will cost 90 cents per pound.  Example: A load of steer calves with a base weight of 500 pounds sell for $150.00/cwt.  At delivery, if they weigh 525 pounds (average) with a 90 cent RightSlide the dollars per head will be calculated as follows: 

500# @ $150.00/cwt      = $ 750.00  
   25# @ $      .90/pound = $   22.50  
525#     $  772.50 or $147.14/cwt  
BUYERS – please note that cattle will either be sold with the Superior Right Slide, the conventional slide or the 2 way slide. Please be sure to check the slide information on the lots you are interested in purchasing.