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About Superior Livestock Auction

We Bring the Market to You

     In 1987, Superior Livestock Auction introduced satellite video marketing to the nation's livestock industry and forever changed the way load-lots of cattle are marketed. Because of its commitment to innovation and utilization of the best technology available, Superior has grown to become the largest livestock auction in the United States; marketing well over two million head of cattle annually. With over 380 representatives located throughout the United States, Superior provides a complete national marketing network that serves both buyers and sellers.

     Sellers have the opportunity to market cattle to a broader nationwide buyer base, as each lot is filmed in its current domestic location, and uploaded to Superior’s website. Unlike conventional livestock marketing methods, buyers have the opportunity to visually assess and select lots individually, with access to current EPDs, by means of the Internet.

     Load lots of country-fresh cattle are sold on contract for immediate-to-future delivery using the most accurate form of price discovery available and competitive bidding. Superior has created a national livestock market, where prices are exposed without regard to local climate conditions or demand. 

     Superior conducts bi-weekly Satellite video auctions broadcast on Dish Network channel 232 and a daily internet auction listing called Country Page. These options provide an opportunity for both buyers and sellers to take advantage of current market conditions.

     The success and growth of Superior Livestock Auction is the result of its reputation for honesty and integrity, its qualified and professional staff and representatives, thousands of satisfied customers, its leadership role in industry innovations and its goal to be the best, most complete livestock marketing service in the industry.

Superior Livestock Auction
America's Leader in Livestock Marketing